Alternative to Health Insurance

What is Medical Cost Sharing?

Simply put, Medical Cost Sharing, also known as Health Care Sharing is the sharing of medical expenses done by a group of like-minded individuals and families who have decided to take back control of their own health-care decisions. Officially called Health Care Sharing Ministries, members who participate are exempt under Obamacare as a religious exemption and are not required to pay the individual mandate penalty.

These health conscious individuals believe in the Founding Fathers. They believe in our Declaration of Independence and as such, strongly believe and recognize that our rights come from God and not from any agency or man made government. To quote the founding document of the United States:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Are our bodies not a significant part of our Life? If we do not have control of our own bodies then what liberty do we have? And lastly, Thomas Jefferson defined the pursuit of Happiness as being property. If our own bodies do not belong to us as our own property then do we really own anything?

Our Medical Cost Sharing community also shares the belief that we have the right to worship how we please. We believe that we have a right and a duty to help our fellow man when he or she is in need. We also believe that it is our right and duty to treat our bodies with respect and in ways that promote good health and minimize sickness and disease. Lastly, we believe that it is our God given right to direct our own health care decisions, free from government involvement or oversight.

Healthcare Sharing Group Comparison

We’re excited that you’re investigating healthcare sharing as a way to pay for unforeseen medical costs. Before you review the chart below, please understand a couple of things. First, we really like the concept of healthcare sharing. It’s not for everyone, but it’s been a great blessing for us and our families. Based on the feedback and research we’ve done, we feel you will have a good experience with any of these groups listed on this page. Secondly, since these groups are heavily influenced by member input, the details do change from time to time. This list was put together to the best of our knowledge and was updated most recently in May 2017. We thank those who have provided further information for these updates.¬†Obviously our first choice is Liberty HealthShare.¬†Please make sure to review the details for any of these groups prior to joining.

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Group Comparison

Liberty HealthShare Medi-Share Christian Healthcare Min. Samaritan
Members are ACA Exempt
Allows non-evangelical faiths1
(e.g. Catholic, Mormon, other)
Requires health questionnaire
Limits on pre-existing conditions2
Sharing starts immediately3
No network (Use any doctor/hospital)4
Monthly sharing payments automated
(versus manual send to individual members)
Medical bills processed electronically
(e.g. membership card used with provider)
Automatic bill negotiation with providers
Includes prescriptions5
Catastrophic program options available
Shares in alternative and natural treatments6
Available in all states Pennsylvania Montana
Annual Personal Responsibility $500/$1,000/ $1,500
indiv/couple/ family
6 programs
$500/$1,000/ $5,000
Gold/Silver/ Bronze
$300 x 3 individuals
Or $900 per family
Monthly Cost Range7
(Min Individual Max Family)
$107-$449 $64-$627
(age based)
$90-$450 $180-$405
Max Limits No limit No limit No limit No limit